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Welcome to Triad Technologies

Our goal at Triad Technologies is to assist our customers in bringing their projects from imagination to final product utilizing modern technology, in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Founded in 1988, Triad provides a wide range of services including rapid prototyping, injection mold construction, plastic injection molding, printed circuit board manufacturing, product assembly, packaging and shipping/logistics.

We are an American manufacturing company. Our in-house craftsmen create all products in-house. We will not send your ideas or designs to ANY foreign company. Because we operate with the utmost in integrity and confidentiality, we will gladly review and sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Advanced Plastic Technology

Triad Plastic Technologies employs the most modern equipment available for plastic injection molding. Our molding machines utilize All-Electric, servo driven CNC techology and provide precision never before seen in the injection molding world and provide high-efficiency, economical molding.

Contract Manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards Assemblies

We are a leading provider of high quality electronics assemblies.

Triad's Electronics Division is committed to providing state of the art manufacturing solutions.


You Get What You Ask For

Through integrated engineering, your part will be as precise as the geometry which you provide. We are equipped to receive electronic part files via a variety of electronic delivery mediums and directly import them into our engineering systems.

Through this methodology, we can utilize your part designs to create mold cavities quickly and economically. We also utilize a Moldflow package which allows us to accurately predict optimum gate locations and filling patterns for intricate and complex molded parts.

On-time, trouble-free tooling is accomplished by in-house control from conception to completion.
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